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How does a virtual bookkeeper work with my business?

  • By utilizing cloud technology, we can work together just as easily as if I came to your business. I would be a collaborator on your accounting software and document management accounts and have access to your POS system, if needed, to pull daily sales reports. It does still require that I see all documents to be able to classify and record transactions correctly, so having you upload invoices and receipts is very important. I can explain more in our consult. Storing information in the cloud can cause some business owners concern. Read about QBO security here and Hubdoc here. I personally use these services in my own business.

How do I send you receipts and documents?

  • Taking photos of receipts on your phone with the Hubdoc app or emailing invoices and receipts is the easiest and most efficient process. I can also set up a shared file that both of us can upload documents into and work on together if needed.

Do I hire you as an employee?

  • No. My services are a deductible business expense for you. This is a big advantage because you are not responsible for payroll taxes for my services. I am providing you with professional services and you are my client.

This all sounds good, but I'm not even sure where to start.

  • Contact us here. I'll ask you questions to get to know you and your business needs. I'll guide you through the on-boarding process from the proposal to uploading the receipt for your phone bill.

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