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How Down Time Actually Benefits Entrepreneurs

Do you find yourself running around constantly taking care of business in one shape or another? Is your calendar fully booked with only enough time to eat lunch between meetings? Work with minimal breaks, putting out fires, and trying to get ahead of the to-do list? Only able to see your family long enough to say good morning and goodnight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are obviously part of a rare and special bread of human called ENTREPRENEURS! While this type of work ethic is a prized and treasured attribute, it can also be a devilish counterintuitive affliction. This affliction pops its nasty head up in many different forms like burn out, blow-ups, lack of concentration or sleep. Before this happens to you, consider the following reasons why making time for yourself on a regular basis is not only important, but is actually a crucial step on your path to success.

It Actually Boosts Productivity

Yes you heard that right, taking time for yourself can actually increase your productivity. Their is a daunting amount of research that can be found on the web to support this theory. An article from the Harvard Business Review states, “human beings perform best and are most productive when they alternate between periods of intense focus and intermittent renewal.” Even a mere 10 min away from your desk or work station to take in the visuals around you, practice meditation, or simply breath can make a world of difference.

No Doubt, It Reduces Stress Levels

We are all familiar with stress in one way or another. Some might even say that finding relief to stress is one of American's most sought after secretes. Stress is an emotional or physical response to an overwhelming situations or pace. While experiencing stress is a very normal part of life, prolonged exposure can cause a long list of physical and emotional side effects that keep you from reaching your full potential. Given the many hats you may wear, it is especially important for entrepreneurs to manage their stress closely.

It Improves Mental Health

In todays' interconnected society it is more common than not to feel completely and utterly mentally burned out, and let's face it, overloaded with more information than you even asked for. Meditation and reflection have taken a back seat to the move first ask questions later mentality. But working faster and harder doesn't necessarily mean smarter. The psychological, emotional, and physical effects of prolonged and severe stress can have a major impact on your mental health, so taking the time to prioritize your self care is vital.

It Enhances Creativity and Clarity

Surprisingly, the ideas that come to you when you are sleeping, showering, or driving to work are actually not coincidental. They are a direct result from you reducing your mental stimulation and allowing your mind to wander to new and imaginable unimaginable places. A calm mind is probably one of the greatest tools or superpowers we humans have. If you are overwhelmed by the million of tasks that need to be completed right this minute, you can't possibly be in the best mindset to be creative, successful in your goals, or produce earth shattering ideas.

Down time can sometimes seem a little daunting and unproductive. To combat this, I have provided a short list below on possible ways your can spend your down time productively. However, sometimes spending time doing absolutely nothings can be very productive as well :)

Ways to spend your down time:

  • Catch up on reading

  • Volunteer

  • Movie night with the family

  • Go for a walk

  • Watch a documentory

  • Prepare some meals for the week

  • Exercise

  • Call up an old friend

  • Play around with new technology

  • Travel

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