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QBO Online Invoicing & Smart Invoicing

Great news, you will no longer have to chase invoices and payments from your clients! When you or your bookkeeper turns on Online Invoicing, QuickBooks Online generates a special type of email to your customer with a link to an Online Invoice. The Online Invoice is actually a web page that interacts directly with the invoice in your QBO account.

It is a a really great tool that lets QBO take the strain and remove the pain of invoicing. All the functionality of online invoicing works even if you are not signed up for QBO payments! Even better, you will be able to see if an invoice is opened, read, and any messaging from the customer has been received. You can even respond back to the messages!

This is great for assisting with speeding up the process in receiving payments! You can even take this one step further by turning on QBO Payments, giving the customers the freedom to pay their way by accepting all credit cards and free bank transfers. This allows the customers to pay directly in the Online Invoicing portal at the click of a button!

You will now find an Invoices tab located within the Sales Center. By selecting the status located to the right of each invoice, you can determine when the invoice was sent, viewed, paid, and even deposited. If a partial payment has been made on the invoice, you will be able to see that as well! This feature was only available on the mobile app but has now been provided to you Online as well.

Lastly, but definitely not least, QBO has eliminated the 50 cents per transaction fee previously associated with ACH transactions! You can now have your invoices paid for FREE via ACH bank transfers. Talk about a sweet upgrade!

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